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Aug 27th: Major Virus Attack Hits Nation-wide for Dental Practices

Digital Dental Record, West Allis Wisconsin, had their entire systems halted on August 26th, causing ransomware to spread to many of their dental office clients.

Below are reactions on their official Facebook page from dental offices:

" We are still down and have no idea when you can get us back up. Do we have to reschedule tomorrow also? " - Gerald Middleton

" We have called numerous times, and had to reschedule our patients for today and tomorrow. " - Carlos Ramos

" You surely could post an update in six hours time. The fact that the only communication from your company was six hours after the incident and through a Facebook post is disturbing." - Lisa Mendicino

This attack confirmed to totally cripple the entire operations of the many dental offices that were affected for days.

Below is a response from Digital Dental Record:

"As many of you are aware our cloud remote management software was hit with a ransomware virus attack yesterday at 8:44am. We worked feverishly with the software company to shut it down and remove the threat, but many of you were hit in the process prior to them removing it and locking down the system. We tried to get back to as many of you as we could to communicate what we knew."

"Thank you for your time and your patience. Please be patient with my team as they take care of this issue today. The more they can be focused on fixing the issue the faster it will be complete and your system will be back to normal. Please also note this was a virus attack, not a data hack. No data is accessed or moved in these instances, it is locked and then has to be unlocked."


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