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Schaumburg Healthcare Business has been hit with a Massive Cyber Security Incident - Optum & Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare, a cornerstone of the U.S. healthcare technology landscape, recently fell victim to a cyberattack, leading to significant disruptions in its network operations. The company swiftly acknowledged the security breach, emphasizing the steps taken to protect partner and patient interests by isolating its systems to curb further damage. This event marks a critical juncture for cybersecurity within the healthcare industry, shedding light on the vulnerabilities and the imperative measures required to fortify digital defenses against such threats.

Immediate Impact and Response

The cyberattack, originating early on a Tuesday morning, rendered many of Change Healthcare's services, including crucial login pages, inaccessible or offline. This disruption had a direct effect on healthcare providers and pharmacies, where local services experienced outages, severely impacting prescription processing capabilities through insurance. This incident underscores the interconnected nature of healthcare services and the cascading effects that a cyberattack on a central service provider like Change Healthcare can have on the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Almost all services are still down on Thursday, February 22nd 2024. Updates are provided here:


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