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Any IT consulting firm can write paragraphs on how good they are at IT security.

But how many of them can show you live proof?

Cyber Security Scenario #1:

The video you are about to watch is a real business in the western suburbs where we recently discovered two foreign countries hacking in to their employees Office 365 accounts while stealing company email and data.

Cyber Security Scenario #2:

Skip to 0:52 in the video to left. You will see exactly how we protect you from the #1 Office 365 hack in the world. If your IT support was protecting you from this hack, you would absolutely know. So are they?

Cyber Security Scenario #3:

You have never seen anything like this. This video shows live reactions of real dentists of what is happening to their practice after getting hit with ransomware. Some say they are losing thousands of dollars and may close.