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Welcome: Windows 10

The hottest topic in the technology world for 2015 has finally arrived! In this edition of techKNOW we review the operating system and some of its new features. After some extensive testing, our positive review of this new Microsoft OS should shed some light on if you think you are ready for an upgrade.

Start Menu:

The classic start menu that you have grown to love since 1995 is finally back in action. Microsoft has decided to lay off the large tablet-friendly Metro tile system and bring your programs back with a single click. Although the tile system can return if you choose that option, the single largest complaint of Windows 8 was businesses finding their new mosaic-like start screen very confusing and unnecessary.


Your new virtual assistant is ready and waiting in for your every command. Cortanta is a Windows feature that allows you to talk to your device like how you would do with a person. Cortana can understand your conversational language and she is able to respond to you in a human way as well. With some slight customizing and a microphone, you can now ask Windows Cortana questions about your schedule, the weather, Google searches, and much more.

Bitlocker Encryption:

Although Bitlocker has been available for some time, the most secure and easy to use encryption system is finally introduced in Windows 10. Many healthcare and law offices demand this feature as part of their compliant security requirements. Using Bitlocker, you could literally hand over your server and confidential data right over to the “hackers” or “bad guys” and they will never be able to access it without your incredibly secure password. Many businesses believe that simply having a login password for your computer is secure enough. With the right tools, your Windows 10 password can easily be removed, giving anyone access to your data. Encryption is key!

A single article cannot not give justice to all of the new features to this fantastic new Microsoft product. Stay tuned to our fall articles as we will dig deeper into some more reviews of different features and some helpful tips and tricks.


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