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Organize IT for 2016!

As the New Year is upon us and the holidays are coming to an end, now may be the time to finally take advantage of technology to help organize your life and business. There are many apps, programs, features, and devices available to help you get organized and synchronized but picking the correct programs and technology can become confusing. In our first tecKNOW article of the year, we review three areas of technology the will help keep your New Years Resolution.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the hottest trend in technology today. This Office productivity platform is a great way to keep synchronized with all of the Office programs you are already familiar with. As companies of all sizes are looking to cloud solutions, Office 365 is delivering as promised. With Office 365, each person (not company) will receive five full installations of Microsoft office on their tablets, laptops and desktops. With each installation you will have a cloud hard drive to save your data to so that you may access your office documents from all five of your devices. Possible the greatest feature is the total synchronization of your Outlook email, calendar and contacts. When you enter a calendar appointment or a new contact into your smartphone or Outlook program, it will instantly synchronize all of your new information across all of your computer and devices. If you continuously pay your monthly Office 365 subscription, you will also always have the most up-to-date Microsoft Office program forever. 


Most everyone who pays any attention to technology has at least heard of Dropbox. This cloud-based program has one single purpose, and that is to synchronize everything! A single folder you select on your computer will synchronize everything in it. It will combine your pictures, documents and data between any laptop and mobile device you install it on. Dropbox even includes a great Camera-Sync feature that will instantly upload your smartphone photos to your all of your Dropbox-enabled devices. When you break away on holiday across the world, you will not have to worry about you priceless pictures being lost because they will be waiting for you on your home PC. Dropbox can also be considered a great way to back up your files off-site. If your office has multiple locations, you will be able retrieve your data from each location, in the event the one location faces a disaster.


We now end with TSPlus (Terminal Services Plus). It may not have the most exciting name in technology, but it is certainly technology’s best kept secret. This extremely affordable program does not require any powerful servers or expensive hardware; it will easily run on your current desktop computer. The point of this program is to be able to seamlessly access your office computers and network from anywhere in the world, on any device. This program can easily save thousands of dollars in software licenses alone. Your office can have 10 or more employees all accessing the same computer. While they are logged in, each employee will enjoy all of their Microsoft Office programs and any type of 3rd party software programs that any business accesses on the network. This is a perfect solution for a dental office with multiple locations or a law firm that as attorneys access case data. It is fast, secure, and very easy to use for the less-novice user. As I mentioned above, it is also affordable. To have 10 users all logged into a single computer at once, the licensing costs are only about $200! TSPlus is the best solutions to have many features that the big cloud companies offer today, without all of the security problems and expenses.


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