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Microsoft 365 Copilot Arrives November 1st!

Microsoft is poised to unveil its 365 Copilot AI assistant, set to make its debut on November 1st, exclusively accessible to Microsoft 365 clientele operating under specific business and enterprise subscription tiers. However, this value-added offering does not come without a cost; Microsoft revealed in July its intention to levy a monthly premium of $30 per user for access to this functionality, nearly doubling the overall subscription expenditure for businesses subscribing to certain entry-level plans.

Copilot represents a contemporary iteration of a digital assistant, reminiscent of the bygone Clippy character albeit devoid of anthropomorphic characteristics. It empowers business professionals to succinctly summarize documents and delegate email composition to this artificial intelligence aide. Furthermore, it boasts the capability to generate entirely new Word projects by extrapolating information from existing files and proffers real-time insights gleaned from Teams meetings. Remarkably, it can elucidate the process undertaken in Excel subsequent to a user's request for data visualization or projection generation.

Copilot's introduction coincides closely with Google's release of its own AI tools, christened Duet AI, within its Google Workspace ecosystem—an analogue to Microsoft's 365. Interestingly, Google has elected to impose an identical access fee of $30 per individual per month for this feature, which parallels many of the benefits furnished by its Microsoft counterpart.


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