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Luxury Gadgets

In light of the rest of this issue of Hinsdale Magazine we present you three Luxury technology related gadgets that will certainly put a hole in anyone’s pocket. From exercise to kitchens, let’s get started:

Peloton Bike

The motto for this technobike is “Fitness Evolved.” The Peloton Cycle is a smart indoor piece of exercise equipment. It has a Wi-Fi connection and an HD touchscreen display. Cyclists can stream live spin classes on the HD screen and access those classes on demand after each class has passed. At any time you choose, you may hop on your bike and begin a live streaming class that is broadcasted from Peloton in New York. Once your workout has finished, you can track your calories and distances. Even with a $2,000 price point, thousands of these bikes have already shipped across the U.S.

Microsoft Surface

If you are in search for a very fast and high-end tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro may have the specifications you are looking for. Both Microcenter and The Microsoft Store have this tablet available for purchase at a whopping $3,200. The Surface is more than double the cost of the entry level Surface and much faster. This Windows device boasts an i7 processor, 16GB of memory, and a 512GB Solid State Drive. If your business requires both absolute power and mobility, this high-end Surface is definitely worth checking out.

iChef Oven

The world of technology is quickly entering your kitchen and appliances. The iChef oven is a smart oven with many different features. The touchscreen on the front panel will allow you to perform the standard oven tasks with an additional smart design. You can download and update different recipes and have the oven act as a cookbook by programming different stages of cooking. This smart oven has been very popular in European countries and if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably won't have enough left over to afford a robotic butler to server your meals for you.


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