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Lawyers Weigh in on Google Docs & Microsoft Office...

Lawyers filed for a emergency extension in Gohnmert v. Pence because multiple attorneys were facing compatibility issues with Google Docs to the point that they could not submit paperwork. Below is more info:

Plaintiffs have employed a team of lawyers to prepare their responsive brief. During the course of preparation, Plaintiffs' counsel have encountered numerous technical incompatibilities in the software versions between Google Docs and Microsoft Word resulting in editing difficulties and text problems.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs request an extension of one hour of the deadline for filing their responsive brief.

Ed Bott conducted a brief survey online of the opinion of Google docs in law offices and compatibility problems:

Out of 69 responses, 57 (83%) said they and their law firms use Word exclusively. This comment, from a New Jersey-based lawyer, was representative: "I have never used Google Docs in law school or as an attorney. We always use Word. No court or firm for which I've worked uses Google Docs."

A Pennsylvania-based attorney added: "I find Google Docs unusable for legal work, it's too difficult to get the final formatting to work, especially if you're working with other lawyers. Maybe I could fix this by investing hours understanding it, but, well, I'm not going to. So Word it is."

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