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BREACH ALERT! 06.15.14 Domino's Pizza Customers' Personal Data Stolen.

Hackers have stolen data on more than 600,000 Domino's Pizza Inc customers, the pizza delivery company said, and an anonymous Twitter user threatened to publish the data unless the company pays a cash ransom.

Customer names, delivery addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and passwords were taken from a server used in an online ordering system that the company is in the process of replacing, Dominos spokesman Chris Brandon said on Monday.

A Tweet directed at Domino's customers through an account of somebody listed as "Rex Mundi" said hackers would publish the customer data on the Internet unless the company pays $40,800, according to an article in The Telegraph.

Brandon said he was not familiar with the ransom demands, but that the company would not be making any such payment.

Edward Technology DarkWeb Discovery has found that the breach is real and email addresses with password are available for the public to see online:

This communication is to notify you of a Large Cyber Data Set discovery that has been confirmed valid and is being loaded.

This is anticipated to cause elevated Cyber Alert counts – please see below for details.  This Cyber Data Load begin as of yesterday.  The potential source being cited will be as follows:

    761,485 record file that is publicly being attributed to the Domino's breach.

Record Detail: Each record contains an email and password

Recommended Action: For Domino's online ordering customers. Change your passwords for your office and home email addresses. All passwords should be different for each login and contain special characters and numbers.


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