Sales & Service

Explore how our services benefit the sales and service professionals

The secret to small business success is by doing more with less. EdTech provides a wide range of services that help businesses adopt industry-leading technologies to outperform the competition while staying within budget. With EdTech as your IT team, you get tech experts on your side, ensuring that your computers, servers and networks are 24/7 robust, secure, and optimized.

Edward Technology offers the same industry-leading systems, professional oversight and growth potential to all clients, regardless of industry and size. Our services and benefits are scalable and cost-effective, allowing you to think big. Be on the direct path to increased productivity and profitability; get in touch with us today.

EdTech’s Managed Services for the Sales & Service industry include:

  • All IT setup and unlimited support on a small monthly budget
  • Real-time antivirus protection and monitoring
  • Encrypted cloud backup with backup status reports
  • Email setup and all Office 365 applications